ANXIETY AND STRESS are epidemic in today’s fast-paced world. In response, many turn to meditation and related practices with limited long-term success. Oscar Segurado understands why. Meditation worked well for thousands of years, but can’t counter the effects of life in the twenty-first century. Instead, you need a new approach to control anxiety—especially given the proven connection between stress and serious diseases, including cancer, caused by a dysfunctional immune system.  This book is a step-by-step guide to generate Chi, vital energy, by engaging your mind’s eye to connect with Nature, harmonize your Emotions and invigorate your Organism, especially your immune system. A mere fifteen minutes of mindful framing in the morning creates a solid mental framework for the rest of the day. You are the screenwriter and director of a lifestyle movie leading to a calm mind, healthy relationships and a vigorous body. It’s a modern world. We need a modern way to transform anxiety into vital energy. Segurado offers the way: mindful framing.

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