the NEO Chi lifestyle

Connect with Nature

enjoy the moment

use your five senses

explore the five elements

Harmonize your Emotions

be loving

be grateful

be compassionate

Invigorate your Organism

care for your cells

care for your vitals

care for your body systems


The NEO Chi Institute is the father of Mindful Framing, a unique type of self-reflection time that frames your day to achieve wellness based on scientific evidence linking an optimal immune function to a nature-focused, stress-free and body-conscious living. 

With the NEO Chi lifestyle and Mindful Framing practice, the Chi (energy) is generated from 5 activities performed with your mind’s eye: acknowledging your anxiety (the anxiety bus), leveraging your senses (NEO Chi park) and memorizing the THREE TREES:


visualize the five elements of Nature: earth, water, fire, air and ether


visualize you Emotional tree, the roots of your character, the branches of your relationships, the leafs of your passions and the environment


visualize your immune and other systems, discover your tree of life to prevent cancer, chronic inflammation and infections