The NEO Chi Institute

The 501(c)(3) nonprofit NEO Chi Institute goal is to teach mindful framing for a healthier lifestyle.

The NEO Chi Institute gives you a free-forever guide for mindful framing with illustrations, audios and videos that plant the seeds for a healthier NEO Chi lifestyle.

Your donations and fees are invested in mindfulness research and charitable purposes.

Oscar Segurado, MD, PhD
NEO Chi Founder
Author of “Mindful Framing”


AKA the LifeStyle Doc

A neuroscientist and immunologist with decades of experience in neuroscience and immunology and over 100 scientific and news articles in top-rated journals, Doc Segurado is passionate for the nature-mind-body connection. The LifeStyle Doc has studied how the interaction of the mind with the nervous and immune system affects our well-being, and created the NEO Chi lifestyle and mindful framing practice to change people’s life outcomes by reducing their anxiety levels.