As neuroscientist and immunologist passionate for the nature-mind-body connection, I created the NEO Chi lifestyle and mindful framing practice while working on a book and developing the global nonprofit NEO Chi Institute.

Mindful framing is a unique type of reflection or meditation time that frames your day to achieve wellness based on plenty of scientific evidence linking an optimal immune function to a nature-focused, stress-free and body-conscious living. In the NEO Chi practice, the Chi (energy) is derived from 5 activities with your mind’s eye: acknowledging your anxiety (the anxiety bus), leveraging your senses (NEO Chi park) and memorizing the THREE TREES: the five elements of N ature, our positive E motions and systems of the O rganism.

To learn the practice,  start watching the 15 min video (link below), then listen to the audio and subsequently use your mind’s eye, daily, preferably timing the 5 activities for 3 minutes each. While practicing every morning, I always play movie director and introduce variations and new mental images. The main character of the visualization is an external observer, detective Therese, a metaphor of the T cell, the orchestrator of the immune system (explained in a short detective story in my book).

Would be great to hear from you! I invite you to join this program!