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With a neuro-science based roadmap

Embrace the NEO Chi Lifestyle

And discover a new way to live your life.

The NEO Chi lifestyle helps people get through their days without feeling lost, stressed out, angry, overwhelmed or in mental distress, by providing them a guide to a nature-focused, stress free and body-conscious living built on science-based principles.

By leveraging your senses and managing anxiety, you can achieve long-lasting wellbeing, reduce your fears and depression, and enjoy life again.

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The NEO Chi Institute is the father of Mindful Framing, a unique type of self-reflection time that frames your day to achieve wellness based on scientific evidence linking an optimal immune function to a nature-focused, stress-free and body-conscious living. 

With the NEO Chi lifestyle and Mindful Framing practice, the Chi (energy) is generated from 5 activities performed with your mind’s eye: acknowledging your anxiety (the anxiety bus), leveraging your senses (NEO Chi park) and memorizing the THREE TREES:


visualize the five elements of Nature: earth, water, fire, air and ether


visualize you Emotional tree, the roots of your character, the branches of your relationships, the leafs of your passions and the environment


visualize your immune and other systems, discover your tree of life to prevent cancer, chronic inflammation and infections

Oscar Segurado, MD, PhD
NEO Chi Founder
Author of “Mindful Framing”


AKA the LifeStyle Doc

A neuroscientist and immunologist with decades of experience in neuroscience and immunology and over 100 scientific and news articles in top-rated journals, Doc Segurado is passionate for the nature-mind-body connection. The LifeStyle Doc has studied how the interaction of the mind with the nervous and immune system affects our well-being, and created the NEO Chi lifestyle and mindful framing practice to change people’s life outcomes by reducing their anxiety levels.


Brilliant and accessible mindfulness practice.

“Oscar Segurado reveals a brilliant and accessible mindfulness practice to ease anxiety and stress while invigorating the immune system. Mindful Framing contains a treasure trove of holistic, medical and scientific knowledge essential to achieve a healthy emotional and physical life.”
— Deepak Chopra, MD

“Empty yourself and let the universe fill you"


Mindful Framing

Build a New Lifestyle Rooted ona Grounded Inner Self

And Start Living The Life You’ve Always Dreamt Of

Packages Available

Private Consultation

$75 for 45 minutes Session
  • Book a one-on-one session with Doc Segurado and learn how to:

  • • Concrete tips on how to feel better
  • • Reduce depression and anxiety
  • • Be more productive and creative
  • • Get more focused
  • • Feel enthusiastic about life again
  • • Sleep better and feel happier
  • • Look better
  • • Create better habits
  • • Reduce anger and resentment

Group Workshops
and Company Talks

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  • Classes in group setting include teachings of the mindfulness practice and NEO Chi lifestyle. They include:

  • NEO Chi Lifestyle:
  • • Overview
  • • Morning and evening routines
  • • Connecting with Nature
  • • Harmonizing your Emotions
  • • Invigorating your Organism
  • Mindful Framing
  • • Overview
  • • Five steps
  • • How to incorporate into your daily life

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