By Jennifer Scott

Psychological recovery requires a lengthy, difficult process that most of us have go through at some point in our lives. The same can be said for getting in shape — it takes work and nothing happens overnight. Perhaps it’s the commitment, challenge, and discipline needed to do both things that make fitness and recovery work so well together. In fact, many experts believe exercise is necessary for recovery.

Adding exercise to your recovery program has many benefits. It can help your body recover from the physical effects of any trauma while providing you with a healthy high that makes getting through the day easier. Exercise facilitates supportive relationships that are essential in this journey, and developing a fitness routine also instills discipline and structure — both of which are important parts of the recovery process. As the champion of Mindful Framing, the NEO Chi Institute offers the following resources on how you can succeed in recovery and achieve optimum wellness.

Use Exercise to Structure and Enhance Your Lifestyle

Many people turn towards their bad habits when they feel out of control. A good way to avoid this trigger altogether is to create a routine that provides the much-needed structure for a life of recovery. Creating an exercise routine — or even just committing to movement on certain days — provides a level of support for anyone in recovery.

Starting an exercise routine also helps build confidence. Setting goals and reaching them shows a person that they’re capable of conquering anything. The increased endorphins help you feel good and balance chemical imbalances — for instance, you are better equipped to naturally control adrenaline to alleviate its negative and stressful effects. Moreover, seeing the results and becoming more comfortable in your stronger body will make you beam with pride.

Build Relationships While Building Muscle

While in recovery, it’s essential to spend time with other people on the same boat. You can keep each other accountable, provide encouragement, and engage in healthy activities. Again, exercise is a great activity to engage in when spending time with people who support you.

Instead of meeting up with people at a bar to drown your sorrows in liquor, why not meet up with a friend and go for a brisk walk in a local park? You’ll get the blood flowing, endorphins pumping, and best of all, you’ll be establishing a healthy relationship. These kinds of relationships are essential for recovery. Make it a regular date and hold each other accountable for your new routine.

Heal Inside and Out with Holistic Practices

While going for a walk and lifting weights are excellent sources of exercise, they’re not the only things available. Many people in recovery turn toward holistic therapies and exercise to get their minds in shape, as well as their bodies. Yoga is probably one of the most popular. People love it because it’s challenging, builds strength, increases flexibility, and teaches us how to listen to our bodies.

Incorporating holistic exercises into your routine will help you get to know yourself again. After feeling lost and disconnected from your body, holistic practices help you get back in touch with yourself both physically and mentally. This, in turn, increases self-love and reduces the chances of a relapse.

The NEO Chi Institute introduces Mindful Framing, a unique practice that helps you achieve wellness through nature-focused and body-conscious living. As far as holistic practices go, this is the real deal as it invigorates your body, keeps your emotions in harmony, and connects you with nature. Download the free Mindful Framing ebook to start.

Don’t Forget to Address Outside Influences

Is your budget one of the areas in life that need a refresher? While you can only shave off so much from your spending, there are many ways to increase your income. One exciting option is to start your own business. Think of something you are passionate about and will look forward to. Perhaps you love animals — what shape could that take in your life? If you’re a hands-on person, maybe pet sitting is the key or creating boutique pet clothing. Another idea is dropshipping pet gear. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

A small reality check: Uncle Sam will want his due. Choose a name and business structure, then register with your state for tax purposes. “Register with your state” sounds complicated, but don’t overthink it. It’s easily accomplished if you go through an online service, and then you can get busy making money.

Going through psychological recovery is a long and arduous road, but exercise can help you get through it. The high of endorphins is a healthy one. Working out with friends is a great way to build and maintain a support system. Holistic exercise can help you heal mentally, spiritually, and physically, as well as be more in-tune with nature. Finally, having a concrete plan will keep you grounded as you move forward into the bright future waiting for you.

Find out more about how the NEO Chi Institute and Lifestyle can help you. Contact Doc Oscar today.

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