I failed many times after trying different types of meditation, including mantras, mindfulness or body scanning, My mind wandered most of the time, mostly ruminating anxious thoughts. Meditation was somewhat relaxing but felt like a waste of precious time. I was eager to get back to my to-do list, check my newsfeeds or simply move around.

I came to the conclusion that a silent mind, empty of thoughts, was probably easier to achieve when these meditation practices were developed over two millennia ago. Nowadays, each of the 1,440 minutes in a day can be an eternity. Our busy schedules and information overload are continuously triggering our monkey minds.

I discovered that what I needed was a daily routine of personal time for self-reflection. I developed a 15 minutes practice I call mindful framing. It consists of playing with your mind’s eye 5 scenes of fast-paced images. It starts by confronting, not avoiding, my sources of anxiety. Next leveraging my senses to reflect on the nature-mind-body connection. I explored my emotional strengths and weaknesses to ensure harmonization with the emotional worlds of others. I thought about best approaches to invigorate my body and mind.

After years of successful practice, with minimal mind wandering, I decided to write this book, try it yourself.

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