By Brittany Fisher

When it comes to wishlists, it’s tempting to let your imagination run wild and include extravagant items like brand new cars, the trip of a lifetime, or fine jewelry and expensive electronics. There’s nothing wrong with wishing for these things; it’s a wishlist, after all. But, you may be better off wishing for gifts that will improve your life rather than improve your social status or material wealth.

Wish to Improve Your Health


Improving your life begins with improving your health. If you’ve been putting off joining a gym because you think it’s too expensive, or you’ve been avoiding purchasing a new piece of equipment for your home gym because it’s not in your budget, put these gifts on your wishlist. Your loved ones will appreciate that you want to invest time and energy into your overall health and well-being, and you’ll feel much better once you start exercising regularly or changing your fitness routine at a new gym or with your new piece of equipment.


Another way to improve your health is to put gifts for healthy eating on your wishlist. You may include an indoor grill so you can make healthier foods year-round. Or, you may ask for a subscription to a healthy food delivery service such as Hello Fresh or Green Chef. Other options for your healthy eating wishlist could include a vegetable spiralizer, a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership, a Vitamix, or a slow cooker.

Wish to Prioritize Mental Wellness


If you have had a particularly stressful year, add gifts for mental wellness to your wishlist. Prioritizing yourself will boost your mental and physical health and will help you slow down, reflect, and energize yourself so you are better prepared to tackle everything life throws your way.


Birth Eat Love suggests that any self-care gift that will help you put yourself first and make your health a priority is fair game. You may ask for herbal bath oils, a Himalayan salt lamp, an essential oil diffuser with all-natural oils, an inspirational journal, or a monthly massage appointment.

Wish to Continuous Learning


Are you looking to revitalize your career? Or maybe there’s a particular subject you’ve always been interested in and want to learn more about. Perhaps going back to school has been a lifelong goal so that you can learn about businessand realize your dream of owning your own business. Going back to school takes a lot of determination, as well as support from family and friends. If you’re planning a return to school, add items like notebooks, pens, calendars, sticky notes, highlighters and folders to your ‘back-to-school’ wishlist.

Wish to Boost Your Productivity


If you do struggle with time management and wish you could be more productive, include gifts for boosting your productivity on your wishlist. Possible wishlist items include a Listography Journal, books such as The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Power Lessons in Personal Change, and a custom planner to help yourself get and remain organized.


You also could include business productivity gadgets on your wishlist (TechRadar has some great recommendations). You also could ask for the latest smartphone or tablet to use some of the top productivity apps, such as Trello, Todoist, FocusList, and Scanbot.

Wish to Add Music to Your Life


If you are looking for a creative outlet that will help you reduce your stress levels, start thinking about musical gifts for your wishlist. You could ask for concert tickets to see your favorite musician or band or include tickets to a Broadway musical on your wishlist. But, these gifts add music to your life for a limited time. A more powerful way to add music to your life and thereby improve your life is to put an instrument or music lessons on your wishlist.


In fact, as Musicnotes Now points out, the benefits of playing music are astounding: increasing your memory capacity, refining your time management and organizational skills, increasing your perseverance, enhancing your coordination, boosting your mathematical abilities, sharpening your concentration, fostering your self-expression, and relieving stress are just a few. Chances are, you don’t have room for a grand piano in your home, but you could ask for help learning to play a stringed instrument like a ukulele or a guitar.


The best wish lists include items that will improve your life. That’s why you should include gift ideas that will boost your physical and mental health, add music to your life, help you prioritize self-care, and boost your productivity.


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