Learn step by step the practice of Mindful Framing
to ease your Anxiety and invigorate your Immunity


Avalon Yoga International, Inc.

370 California Ave, Palo Alto, 94306



July 23, 30, August 6,  7-8 pm

$50 for three classes, including as bonus his signed book and 1:1 help

Advanced Reservations are strongly recommended! Give us a call at 650-324-2517 with credit card information to save yourself a spot. If we already have a card of yours on file, you can reserve spots just by emailing us at [email protected].


Oscar Segurado, MD, PhD, is a physician scientist integrating holistic medicine with neuroscience and immunology.

You will learn a 15-minute daily practice based on mindfulness and Kundalini yoga for a new frame of mind to:

connect with nature

harmonize your emotions with those of others

invigorate your organism, especially your immune system


And explore the teachings of the best-selling book…

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